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6 Weeks to Barefoot Running – Part 1: Baring Your Soles

Written by Barefoot Dawsy Taking your shoes off is the natural first step in learning how to run barefoot. It’s what you do in these next few weeks though that may mean the difference between a smooth transition and aching … Continue reading

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6 Weeks to Barefoot Running

Written by Barefoot Dawsy The hardest part about learning to run barefoot is the actual learning to run barefoot part. It’s not as easy as just taking off your shoes! Without carefully easing into your feet, there’s a very real … Continue reading

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ZemGear Ninja shoes

Written by Barefoot Dawsy So I was browsing the twitterverse this week when I came across a shoe I hadn’t heard of before: the ZemGear Ninja Split Toe. They looked pretty cool, so I meandered down to my local minimalist … Continue reading

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Unlimited Free Running Coaching

Written by BarefootDawsy When you compare an elite runner’s stride to the average weekend warrior’s, the difference can be quite remarkable. The elite runner seems to glide over the ground with ease, whereas the amateur will often seem lumbering in … Continue reading

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We’re Live!

Welcome to Beginning Barefoot! If you’re interested in trying out barefoot running, or have already started and want to learn more, then you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to guide new barefooters into this re-emerging sport safely … Continue reading

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