The Truth About Running Barefoot In Winter

Written by Barefoot Dawsy

If you’re at all like me, you probably follow a few other barefooters on Twitter or read a couple barefoot blogs. If this is the case then you’ve likely come across the articles that describe the joy of running barefoot through snowy winter conditions.

Typically they run something along the lines of “I don’t even feel the cold” or “the blood flow increases to your feet so they stay nice and toasty!”.

Well  I’d like to officially add my 2 cents…it’s damn cold and I couldn’t feel my feet! Wow…talk about your chilly runs!

I went out the other night for my first winter run. I am at a little bit of a disadvantage, I must admit, as I’ve only recently turned up in Vancouver after enjoying a lovely Australian summer down in Sydney. Let’s just say that the 30 degree drop in temperature may have been a bit much.

Anyhoo, not to miss out on an opportunity, I jotted down a couple of notes for any of you who want to make a similar attempt.

1. Don’t stray to far from your home

At first when you get outside, it seems cold, but bearable. You may find it relatively easy to get a few kilometres from home before the real cold sinks in. When it does, you’ll thank yourself for being close to some place warm.

2. Be extra careful when your feet go numb

Anyone who’s ever had their ears pierced by a friend knows the numbing qualities of ice. Well the same principle holds when bare feet meet cold ground. It won’t take long for your feet to numb up and you will feel nothing but cold until you get home.

These are prime conditions for injuries, so don’t get complacent and forget to scan for debris or let your form slip

3. Last, go out and buy yourself a nice pair of minimal shoes

I just bought a pair of Vibram Seeyas (watch this space for an upcoming review) as a result of running in the cold. Wearing them out in contrast is like having a blazing fire lit beneath my toes.

There’s no shame in using the right tool for the job, and running in winter is definitely one of those situations that merit a little extra something between your feet and the ground.

All that being said, go out and experiment on your own and call me a whinger if you like, but just stay safe!


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