Now It’s Even Easier To Learn Barefoot Running!

Written by Barefoot Dawsy

Beginning Barefoot is growing, and with so many great articles, it’s starting to get a bit harder to find stuff than it used to be.

So, to help out new and existing readers, we’ve been improving the site navigation. Some of the changes you may have already noticed, but others are fresh this morning!

  • We’ve added a new Start Here page to make it easier to find the best articles for absolute beginners
  • Tags, Tags, Tags! We’ve added Tag navigation to the bar on the right so you can get a quick view of some of the great topics we’ve been writing about
  • Categories: We’ve updated some of the categories (also on the right) to make it easier to find similar articles
  • Search Box: This has always been there, but with improved tagging, it’s even better than it was
  • Most Popular: As always, you can visit our top viewed articles

We’ve been working hard to get these changes out, so hopefully you will find them useful.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and support!

If you see anything that could be improved or want to make a comment or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to email me.


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