Exercising Around The World

Written by Barefoot Dawsy

You may have noticed that this site’s been a wee bit quiet lately. Don’t worry, though, I’m still here, but things have been a little crazy lately. I’m hoping to be back to writing regularly within a couple weeks. I’m still available to answer your questions any time on Twitter (@BarefootDawsy) or Facebook.

In the meantime, to keep you entertained and informed, I’m going to start posting a few cool things that I’ve found online that I think you’ll enjoy. To kick this phase off, and in case you missed it on the Facebook site, let me introduce you to Steve Kamb.

Steve founded NerdFitness.com a few years ago and shortly thereafter took the show on the road for a round the world fitness extravaganza. To help inspire us all, he made a video to recap the trip and it’s nothing short of awesome. So, without further ado, here it is! (Check out the awesome camera work on the Sydney scene 😉 )


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