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Ninja Running

By Barefoot Dawsy One of the coolest things about barefoot running that you won’t get when wearing conventional shoes is the ability to run silently. There’s something awesome about being able to run around making such a small amount of … Continue reading

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Slow Down And Run

Written By Barefoot Dawsy OK, stop. Breathe in. Breathe out. One more time. Ahh there you go. Now, doesn’t that feel better? When was the last time you just stopped and made yourself relax? If you’re like most people these … Continue reading

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Books Books Books! (And a free one for you!)

Written By Barefoot Dawsy There are somewhere in the neighbourhood of a billion books out there on barefoot running, running, fitness, diet, etc. Starting out, it can be a daunting task to separate the good ones from the bad. To … Continue reading

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Barefoot Runners Don’t Get Shin Splints

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Shin splints are one of those ailments that, legend has it, is cured by barefoot/minimalist running, yet despite this, I’m frequently asked to explain why new runners still get them. Anyone who has had shin splints … Continue reading

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5 Tips On Running Barefoot During The Zombie Apocalypse

Written By Barefoot Dawsy One thing I’ve learned from reading my Twitter feed this week is that the Zombie Apocalypse is just around the corner. Obviously if (when) the zombie hordes eventually arrive in your home town, you will need … Continue reading

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