Review: Sockwa G3, Plus Special Discounts For Beginning Barefoot Readers!

Written By Barefoot Dawsy

SockwaG3If you’re just starting out with minimal footwear, then you’ve chosen a great year to do it! There are a number of exciting new shoes that have come out this year, and the Sockwa G3 are among them.

Sockwa started turning heads last year with their G2 series and have built on that momentum by releasing the G3, which feature better sizing and a range of great colours to choose from. The G3 have a lightweight, flexible upper, and one of the nicest soles on any shoe on the market.

When I first tried them on, I admit, I was a little bit unsure. I thought that maybe I had the wrong size, as they felt quite roomy.

Once I started walking around, however, this feeling disappeared. The truth is that with such thin material around your feet, it’s hard to believe that you’re wearing shoes at all. This feeling is only amplified by the incredibly thin and flexible sole, which give phenomenal ground feel that rivals even PaperFeet.


The G3 are a part of a growing trend to make minimal shoes that are not only comfortable and barely-there, but attractive as well. They are the first shoes that I’ve worn in years that didn’t make my wife wrinkle her nose. This is high praise indeed, considering some of the comments my Vibrams and huaraches have received!

What I found really interesting about these shoes is the difference in how they

feel and behave when you’re standing still versus when you run in them. When I first put them on and wore them around the house, I felt my feet heating up a bit. I was worried that this would only get worse as I ran in the. I was amazed that not only was this untrue, but they even cooled my feet down as I ran. The material used for the uppers is porous and provides surprising airflow. It’s not often that you can feel wind over your feet when running in a close-toed shoe, but I did with the G3.


If there’s one negative about the shoes, it’s that when your feet are wet, they can a little bit slippery underfoot, between your foot and the inside of the sole. As mentioned above, they do dry out pretty quickly though, so this is only a small issue, and one that may not affect runners that tend not to run in the rain or through streams (like some people *ahem*).

Overall, despite their seeming simplicity, the Sockwa G3 are a surprisingly well designed and executed shoe. They are lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. I haven’t got enough nice things to say about these shoes, and they have found a place in my regular rotation.

BONUS! If you like the sound of the Sockwa G3 series, or any other Sockwa products, today’s your lucky day! Readers of Beginning Barefoot receive a $5 discount on any orders made via the website! Just enter the code beginningbarefoot when making your purchase.

Beginning Barefoot would like to thank Sockwa for providing G3 series shoes for testing and review.


3 thoughts on “Review: Sockwa G3, Plus Special Discounts For Beginning Barefoot Readers!

  1. Great review! I’ve had practically the same experiences. My Sockwa G3s are great for everyday things and equally good in drizzle or after rain. The one thing I’ve still yet to test is glass.

    ps: I only wish I had seen the discount code earlier 😉


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