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How To Become A Runner (For Non-Runners)

Written By Barefoot Dawsy It wasn’t long ago that I viewed runners as a bizarre mix of health nuts and madmen. The thought of running down the block, let alone running a marathon was absurd and laughable. And these people … Continue reading

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Review: Skora Form Shoes

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Where do I start with this one? I’ve been dying to try out a pair of the much-lauded Skora shoes, but living down-under, I had a hard time tracking down a pair. On my recent visit … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide To Racing Barefoot

Written By Barefoot Dawsy There’s something unreal about running your first barefoot race. It’s hard to describe, but even for people who have completed dozens of shod races, the first barefoot one is something special. Racing barefoot is an amazing … Continue reading

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Southern Migration

Written by Barefoot Dawsy So that’s it, the World Tour of Vancouver is over, and we’re heading back to Sydney! Hopefully this will mean the resumption of a more frequent posting schedule from next week. We’re about to hop on … Continue reading

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