Product Review: The Handana

Written By Barefoot Dawsy

handanaEvery now and then a new product comes along that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Such is the case with Handana – the bandana that you wear on your hand.

Handana is the brainchild of marathon runner Katie Niemeyer. The idea came to her after making it through a battle with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a painful and potentially disfiguring condition that was brought on by a reaction to medication.

As soon as I heard Katie’s story and saw what she had created, I knew that I had to try one out!

Handanas are pretty simple in their concept, but the delivery is beautifully handled. At their most basic, a Handana is a length of material that gets wrapped around a hand. Katie’s design takes this to the next level with perfectly selected materials and high quality craftsmanship.

They are made of supplex Lycra, which makes them feel like stretchy cotton, and not surprisingly, they are excellent for mopping up sweat. They also have the benefit of contouring nicely to your hand without being restrictive or uncomfortable.

The high-quality stitching is for the most part hidden due to the clever way in which the Handana is constructed. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but I imagine, will greatly increase the Handana’s serviceable life.

They look good, and are well designed and constructed, but how well do they perform? I had a number of great chances to test mine out with the high-humidity weather we’ve been having here lately. After several sweaty outings, I can honestly say that it works beautifully. It holds quite a lot of moisture and even dries out a bit as I run, allowing me to keep using it, even over long distances.

Being a baldy, sweat getting into my eyes has always been a problem. I normally carry a handkerchief in my pocket when running, as I’m not a big fan of headbands or wristbands (I always feel like John McEnroe when I wear them!). From now on, I’ll be grabbing my Handana on the way out for any future hot runs.

I haven’t got enough nice things to say about this product. It’s clever, well-executed, works well, and at $15USD, very reasonably priced.

If you’d like to get your hand inside a Handana, now’s a great time. A new batch have just been made up and are available on the myhandana website. They’re basically the perfect stocking-stuffer for that runner in your life (seriously, I don’t get a kick-back for saying that or anything!)

Insider tip: be sure to check out the Handana Facebook page – rumour has it that there will be some great specials showing up there during the lead-up to the holidays!

Beginning Barefoot would like to thank for providing samples for review. Help keep us ad-free by visiting/following Handana on Facebook and/or Twitter (@MyHandana).


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