Join Us On #BareChat (Win A Pre-Release Pair Of Luongo Footwear!)

#BareChatOn Wednesday, November 7th, at 8pm Mountain Time (GMT-6) will be hosting #BareChat!

What’s #BareChat you ask? Well, it’s a chance for barefoot twitterers to connect with one another, share experiences, answer some questions, and win some prizes!

#BareChat will be held every second Wednesday night at 8pm Mountain Time (GMT – 6 hours), starting October 24th 2012.

So how does it work?

At 8pm on the 7th of November, head onto your favourite Twitter client and search for hashtag #BareChat.

@BarefootDawsy will be asking a series of questions about your experiences in barefoot running. To join the conversation, just add #BareChat to any of your tweets, and they’ll show up as part of the search results.

Luongo FootwearWe’ve teamed up with Luongo Footwear and will be giving away a PRE-RELEASE pair of Luongos! That’s right, one lucky #BareChat participant will get the chance to try out a pair of some of the most anticipated minimal footwear of the year before they even go on sale!

All you need to do to enter is to participate in the #BareChat conversation on November 7th!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or hit me up on Twitter (@BarefootDawsy).

See you there!


We’re always looking for new questions to ask during #BareChat, and for sponsors for our giveaways. Please email me if you you think you can help!


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