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Micro-runs…A Better Way To Transition To Barefoot?

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Arguably the hardest part of transitioning from shod to barefoot running is not the discomfort, or form changes, or any of the usual worries that new runners have. No, the hardest part is keeping your mileage … Continue reading

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Running Better With The Naked Runners

Written By BarefootDawsy This weekend I had the chance to meet up with a pair of Australia’s best-known barefoot/minimalist runners – Dave Robertson and Silas Moss AKA the Naked Runners. The Naked Runners have been around for a few years … Continue reading

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Review: Merrell Trail Glove

Written By Barefoot Dawsy As far as I’m concerned, 2013 is the year of trail running. Trails offer such a great opportunity to improve your technique and become a better, stronger runner. One thing I have discovered along the way, … Continue reading

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Join Us On #BareChat Tonight (Plus Earth Runners Giveaway!)

On Wednesday, January 9th, at 7pm Mountain Time (GMT-6) will be hosting #BareChat! What’s #BareChat you ask? Well, it’s a chance for barefoot twitterers to connect with one another, share experiences, answer some questio So how does it work? … Continue reading

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