Join Us On #BareChat Tonight (Plus Earth Runners Giveaway!)

#BareChatOn Wednesday, January 9th, at 7pm Mountain Time (GMT-6) will be hosting #BareChat!

What’s #BareChat you ask? Well, it’s a chance for barefoot twitterers to connect with one another, share experiences, answer some questio

So how does it work?

At 7pm (MST) on the 9th of January (tonight!) head onto your favourite Twitter client and search for hashtag #BareChat.

@BarefootDawsy will be asking a series of questions about your experiences in barefoot running. To join the conversation, just add #BareChat to any of your tweets, and they’ll show up as part of the search results.

EarthRunners_logoTo kick off the first #BareChat of 2013, we’re giving away a unique prize – a pair of EartherRunners sandals. These sandals are specifically designed to allow a runner to remain connected to the earth via conductive materials. If you’re at all interested in ‘Earthing‘ then these are the perfect shoes for you. If you’ve never heard of Earthing before, then come along to #BareChat where we’ll be talking about what it is, what the skeptics say, and how it fits in with barefoot running.


All you need to do to enter is to participate in the #BareChat conversation tonight!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or hit me up on Twitter (@BarefootDawsy).

See you there!

We’re always looking for new questions to ask during #BareChat, and for sponsors for our giveaways. Please email me if you you think you can help!


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