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Best Strategies For Building Foot Muscles and Strength (Guest Post By Jane Grates!)

Learning to run and have a good stride is a practiced discipline especially when you are changing running styles. For runners who have worn the typical jogging shoe all their lives, building foot strength and endurance is important. There are … Continue reading

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Barefoot shoes: The new Xeroshoes Ipari Hana reviewed

It’s hard to know where the Xeroshoes team find the time to develop, test, and bring to market such a wide variety of well-crafted, thoughtfully designed, and beautiful shoes, but I’m glad they do! It seems like just yesterday they … Continue reading

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Think You’re Too Slow? Here’s Why You’re Wrong.

It can be disheartening when you’re training as hard as you possibly can, but you’re still not seeing results. Maybe you’re in peak physical shape and you just can’t shave off one more second. Maybe you’re on the other end of things … Continue reading

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Study: Barefoot Running May Improve Perception And Working Memory

Written By Barefoot Dawsy A recent study (pdf) out of the University of North Florida is shedding light on the cognitive effects of running barefoot. Their study, which consisted of 72 fit and healthy students, tested how working memory is affected … Continue reading

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BOLE Balls – Turning Barefoot Running Into A Team Sport

The following is a guest post by BOLE founder, Logan Bittle, who is bringing the ancient game of rarajipari to the rest of the world The ancient running sport of the Tarahumara Native Americans remained mostly hidden from the world until … Continue reading

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FitBit Charge HR – Worth The Price?

Written By Barefoot Dawsy The FitBit. I’ve wanted to try out one of these since they first came out on the market a few years back, but let’s be honest, they seem like very expensive pedometers, right? As luck would … Continue reading

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XeroShoes Umara Z-Trail: Yes, You Do Need Another Pair Of Sandals

Written By Barefoot Dawsy The barefoot running community is abuzz with excitement over the launch of the new XeroShoes Umara Z-Trail. But do you really need another pair of sandals? In this case, the answer is definitely a resounding ‘Yes’! … Continue reading

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