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The Embarassing State Of Barefoot/Minimal Running

By Barefoot Dawsy I’ve been running barefoot now for four years, and blogging about it for two. I admit that I started out, alongside many others, after reading the now famous book ‘Born To Run’. At that time, the barefoot … Continue reading

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Review: Merrell Trail Glove

Written By Barefoot Dawsy As far as I’m concerned, 2013 is the year of trail running. Trails offer such a great opportunity to improve your technique and become a better, stronger runner. One thing I have discovered along the way, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From Beginning Barefoot!

Beginning Barefoot will be taking a well-deserved break over the holiday season, but fear not! We have all sorts of great articles and reviews planned for the New Year. Of course, #BareChat will also be back too (January 9th 7pm … Continue reading

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Hot-footing It: How I Finally Learned How To Run Barefoot

Written By Barefoot Dawsy As a change from the usual advice and reviews, I thought it would be nice to tell you a story. Most people that you talk to who took up barefoot running later in life will tell … Continue reading

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How To Buy Minimalist Shoes

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Are you in the market for a pair of minimalist shoes? If you are, then best of luck to you! Unlike just a couple of years ago, we now have hundreds, if not thousands of styles … Continue reading

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How To Become A Runner (For Non-Runners)

Written By Barefoot Dawsy It wasn’t long ago that I viewed runners as a bizarre mix of health nuts and madmen. The thought of running down the block, let alone running a marathon was absurd and laughable. And these people … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide To Racing Barefoot

Written By Barefoot Dawsy There’s something unreal about running your first barefoot race. It’s hard to describe, but even for people who have completed dozens of shod races, the first barefoot one is something special. Racing barefoot is an amazing … Continue reading

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