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Barefoot Runners Don’t Get Shin Splints

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Shin splints are one of those ailments that, legend has it, is cured by barefoot/minimalist running, yet despite this, I’m frequently asked to explain why new runners still get them. Anyone who has had shin splints … Continue reading

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So You Want To Run In Minimalist Shoes

Written by Barefoot Dawsy So I spent most of this weekend fielding questions, comments, tweets, and emails about the recentĀ Art Of Manliness article that came out last week. There were some excellent points raised, and I got the feeling that … Continue reading

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Running Shouldn’t Hurt

Written By Barefoot Dawsy If I had a nickel for every article I’ve seen or every quote I’ve heard that talks about how running is “all about conquering pain”, I’d be able to buy a pair of minimal shoes in … Continue reading

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Did Humans Evolve To Run On Pavement?

Written By Barefoot Dawsy One of the major barriers to the uptake of barefoot running is the perception that humans weren’t meant to run on flat, hard surfaces, such as paved streets. I’ve been asked this question countless times, and … Continue reading

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How to not break your toes in Vibrams

Written by Barefoot Dawsy One of the main reasons people decide to try barefoot or minimalist running is the promise of reduced injuries. Unfortunately, a quick Google search will turn up a heap of anecdotes about people suffering tarsal and … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Surviving Your First Run In Vibrams

By Barefoot Dawsy There’s something about running in Vibrams that makes you want to run farther. Unfortunately, for most new Vibram wearers, this feeling can often lead to the dreaded sore calves that are the trademark of doing Too Much … Continue reading

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The Truth About Barefoot Running Injuries (And What To Do About Them)

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Any barefoot runner that tells you that they’ve never been injured is either really lucky, forgetful, or lying. Small injuries are a part of learning how to run barefoot if you’ve worn shoes your whole life. … Continue reading

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