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BestĀ Strategies ForĀ Building Foot Muscles and Strength (Guest Post By Jane Grates!)

Learning to run and have a good stride is a practiced discipline especially when you are changing running styles. For runners who have worn the typical jogging shoe all their lives, building foot strength and endurance is important. There are … Continue reading

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Barefoot shoes: The new Xeroshoes Ipari Hana reviewed

It’s hard to know where the Xeroshoes team find the time to develop, test, and bring to market such a wide variety of well-crafted, thoughtfully designed, and beautiful shoes, but I’m glad they do! It seems like just yesterday they … Continue reading

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Under The Lems: We Review The Primal2

Written By Barefoot Dawsy It’s been a while since we did a shoe review. Mainly this is because, by and large we’d seen them all up to this point: sandals, boots, running shoes, trail shoes, and even earthing sandals. But … Continue reading

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What Ever Happened to Invisible Shoes?

Written By Barefoot Dawsy One of my first ever shoe reviews on this site was for the ultra-minimal running sandal “Invisible Shoes“. Back in the day, this start-up was trying to change the world, one shoe at a time, by … Continue reading

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Sun Run Race Report and Luongo Footwear Review

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Race Report This past weekend saw the third running of the Dee Why to Manly “Sun Run“. This 7km course takes in some of Sydney’s most picturesque beaches as the sun rises over the water. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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5 Simple Methods To Help Overcome Barefoot-Induced Anxiety

Written By Barefoot Dawsy Confession time. It took me nearly 2 years of running in minimal shoes before I finally let my bare feet touch the ground! Like many people, I was just really nervous about doing it. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Review: Vivobarefoot Gobi – The Casual Minimal Shoe

Written by BarefootDawsy Like many barefoot/minimalist runners, I’ve found myself in the position of owning way more shoes than I ever used to. One thing that most of them have in common is that they are all sport shoes. In … Continue reading

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